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Netflix is dead… long live Netflix.

Netflix – Making the right moves

What was that. Oh, a speed bump. DVDs via Netflix were a big improvement compared to Blockbuster rentals, but not compared to Streaming via Netflix. Hurray for the future of Netflix!

What could make it better? The option to download and watch where there’s slow or no connection. Seriously.

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Apple’s Tablet is coming

With all these rumors, it’s a pretty sure thing. Some of the details are not certain, but some are. It should be a 10.1″ iPhone type device with a surprising interface. It might have a camera, or GPS, or compass. It might even respond to a stylus or Wacom pen.

Apple always makes great products by making great software for it. Being larger than an iPhone means changes that we can’t predict, so we won’t know what they are like until we see it.